“The art of the rifle is universal, but the mode of capturing its perfection is infinitely dynamic.” ~ Rex Tibor
“The capacity to operate truly independently without the need of continuous support is an intrinsically paramount quality of a tier-1 long range precision shooter.” ~ Rex Tibor
Field Expediency
“In a complex world of gadgets, electronics, bells and whistles, it is important for the viable long range shooter to streamline his firing process in a way that is not rendered useless when the SHTF.” ~ Rex Tibor

Train with Rex Defense

“REX Defense offers thoughtful instruction, modulated in real-time to best suit the trainee’s learning style and achieve maximum absorption of the concepts being delivered.   REX Defense has an intellectually diverse crew of dynamic thinkers who communicate concepts from multiple angles to ensure the trainees truly understand key concepts.  The science is presented at multiple levels of sophistication so that all levels of trainees get the most out of their instruction.  In other words, we have the ability to think “outside the box” and our method of instruction is purposefully unique in its eloquence and spirit.  Yes, we have fun!  Why?  We punctuate the minds of our trainees with more than mere anecdotal entertainment, we initiate the chain-reaction of explosive learning by achieving critical mass in the most efficient way possible – by keeping the trainees legitimately enthused and intrigued with a craft they must fall in love with and marry if they wish to truly master.  A union with the craft of the long-range rifle is only truly achieved when one is married to it – to be practiced, refined and grown naturally, without the need of force to learn a standardized procedure.  To master this craft, you must become one with it on every level.    We wish to pass on this fire to our trainees so that they can apply it without the strain of thought – for all the days of their lives.”  ~ Rex

Take your shooting to the next level.

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About Rex Defense

Balance in any system is vital. Through Rex’s superb marriage of science to art combined with his unique prowess and wisdom of instruction, Rex Defense LLC has pushed the tier-1 precision rifle training industry to its highest benchmark yet.

“Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend” ~ Proverbs 27:17

Realism is crucial. Excellence is often sacrificed to pursue the shadows of perfection.  With an unmatched ability to discern the precision shooter’s end use objectives, Rex’s natural ability to modulate training priorities in real time has led Rex Defense LLC to pioneer the maximization of synergism between engineering ideals with field reality, while many remain chained to either one or the other with limited effect on target.

Define Synergism:  the interaction or cooperation of two or more things to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects