Cadre Info

Rex Tibor

President of Rex Defense, LLC

Quick Intro:

  • Centerfire Rifle Experience since 1985
  • Formal Education in the Natural Sciences
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Professional Experience
  • Tutoring Experience since 1996
  • Happily Married since 2002
  • Wide Spectrum of Training Experience; Military, State, Federal, Commercial, and Private

Seth Capps

Contract Instructor & Drill Coordinator

Quick Intro:

  •  0311 USMC Infantry Rifleman w/ 2/3
  •  0933 Marksmanship Coach (EMOS)
  •  0916 Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor
  •  MCMAP 1st Degree Black Belt Instructor
  •  HUMINT / HET Interaction at MCAGGCC / MAGTFTC Twenty-Nine Palms

Timothy LaRose

Contract Military Project Manager

Quick Intro:

  •  Former Special Forces Warrant Officer
  •  Battalion Operations Warrant Officer
  •  Operations Manager with SAIC
  •  Project Manager for Several Security Contract   Companies (Dyn Corp, Flour, & Triple Canopy)