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Course Alpha ~ Comprehensive Program Review:

Prior to training, REX Defense offers a comprehensive evaluation of currently employed equipment and marksmanship programs. This enables us to most effectively modulate the course schedule to maximize training efficiency and offer the best consultation on weapons configuration, optics set up, and ammunition selection prior to field training.  This allows time for the contracting party and the REX Defense team to adjust and/or reconfigure their table of equipment if needed to mitigate potential performance limitations of current equipment sets prior to training. 

Logistical Flexibility

REX Defense understands the logistical complexity of drastically changing established investments in equipment and/or training programs.  If it is determined that a particular equipment set is preferred by the contracting party, the REX DefenseComprehensive Pre-Training Program Review allows our team to most effectively focus the training program on drawing maximum performance from the existing equipment’s current potential.

Wise Consultation

Pre-training analysis of established marksmanship programs helps REX Defense to avoid training overlap and redundancy in areas determined to be effective so that our team can act to dynamically enhance and compliment currently established regimens.

Thinking 'Outside the Box'

The REX Defense team also offers dynamic analysis of currently integrated training systems.  We are NOT in competition with or opposed to what may have been gained in pre-existing training programs.  We wish to dramatically enhance those experiences and skills acquired through prior training from other entities.  REX Defense will work with the contracting entity to best complement their current abilities and competencies, improving upon areas that require attention, identifying potential gaps in pre-existing programs and working to refine existing skill sets rather than subtracting from them. 

Onsite Training:

“Learning to shoot a rifle is relatively simple, but achieving excellence requires a keen sense of awareness of all the subtleties involved.”  ~ Rex Tibor 

REX Defense Course Alpha is designed to exponentially enhance the shooter’s long range competency by synergistically integrating key components of the truly field expedient, viable, long range precision rifle operator.  REX Defense provides a system of instruction that brings marksmanship to the next level of performance through a true understanding of how all the aspects of the craft interrelate.  Common training methods take marksmen through a linear journey of standardized procedures, the details of which are necessarily reduced to the lowest common denominator.  REX Defense takes marksmen on a dynamic journey exploring the multi-dimensional nature of the craft they seek to master. 

True Field Viability

REX Defense Course Alpha is structured to create the truly viable and field expedient precision shooter.  This course will ameliorate the shooters’ current abilities, allowing them to more effectively operate their weapon system alone and remain self-sustained for longer periods of time.  Understanding how to better organize and prioritize ballistic data will reduce the shooter’s dependency on intricate electronic support systems.  This will enhance the operator’s ability to maintain themselves and recover their own potentialities in the field.  By elevating the operator’s familiarity with improvised analogue systems, the shooter’s operational duration will exceed that of the battery life of their intricate electronic support systems.  Adding backup skill sets will reduce reliance on any one system and will drastically increase the shooter’s long-term field viability. 

Superior Data Organization

In addition to primary modes of ballistic calculation, REX Defense also trains in alternative, contingency and emergency modes as well.  Our team aims to supplement, complement and enhance currently employed methods of delivering fire so that the shooter will never be rendered ‘helpless’ if any so-called ‘critical’ piece of equipment were to fail in the field.  This course is designed to drastically increase the shooter’s time on target capabilities, reduce the training time needed to bring the common rifleman to expert level precision competency by embracing a more streamlined organization of ballistic data, and reduce potential failures in the field by broadening the shooter’s skill sets to include additional systems of fire. 

Improved Problem Solving

REX Defense also trains shooters to perform effective self-evaluation in the field to diagnose problems with underperforming equipment, marksmanship issues, and erroneous ballistic output.  Shooters will gain the keys to mitigate and/or completely evade common shooting errors before they arise.   Through a superior understanding of the sciences involved in long range precision shooting, students of Course Alpha will be equipped to maintain their own skill-sets and shooting systems longer and more effectively than those who are simply trained to maintain seemingly arbitrary standardized procedures.  REX DefenseCourse Alpha graduates will be greatly equipped to maximize the potential of any shooting system placed into their hands through superior understanding of all the sciences involved. 

Continued Support:

REX Defense offers follow up support to alumni of Course Alpha.  Remote ballistics support can be made available should any of the rifle or ammunition components vary from the original table of equipment evaluated at the time of training.  Any change to a rifle system can significantly alter ballistic performance, necessitating refinement of ballistic inputs to maintain system accuracy and effectiveness.  

Shooting systems are complex and may require consultation expertise from an entity familiar with the details of that system.  Our remote support can be offered to help resolve problems as they arise after training. 

Renewed program maintenance and review may be warranted dependent on the performance and/or turnover of the contracting party’s body of operators.  Our team offers remote maintenance, if required, to maximize retention of competency after training.


REX Defense can work to schedule a training course after preliminary inquiry is made.  International rates will apply outside of the United States.  Final booking is contingent upon final verification of U.S. State Department compliance.  

Please contact Rex at:  and let us know the details of what you need, or please fill in the form below.  We also offer custom training templates tailored to maximize the results you are looking for.

“The art of the rifle is universal but the mode of capturing its perfection is infinitely dynamic.” ~  Rex Tibor