RXSEMINAR – October 26-27, 2019 ~ Hillsdale, MI

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October 26-27, 2019, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

4390 Bankers Road, Hillsdale MI 49242

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This RX Seminar is being hosted at the prestigious Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Hillsdale’s Intellectual and Educational Independence

For more than 170 years, Hillsdale College has promoted “the diffusion of sound learning” as the best means of preserving “the blessings of civil and religious liberty and intellectual piety.”  To maintain their independence in every regard, Hillsdale does not accept one penny of state or federal taxpayer funding—even indirectly in the form of student grants and loans.

Special RX Seminar Event

Fast-Forward your understanding of long-range precision rifle shooting by decades!  If you are looking to make a major investment into long range shooting, Rex will save you from wasting thousands of dollars on inappropriate equipment and less than ideal rifle configurations.  Ask our alumni, Rex will save you from burning thousands of rounds in vain and countless hours in the field reinforcing ineffective long-range strategies.  Rex aims to deliver the solid gold of the trade secrets in this class.  The RX Seminar is a tier-1 course of instruction for those who want to gain a multidimensional understanding of how the science is best executed in real-world field conditions.  You will gain a new level of understanding of how the human body and mind interfaces with the various tasks of long-range shooting under less than ideal conditions.  You will learn new strategies for best managing your favorite ballistic tools to produce a realistic and field-viable SOP in a way that maximizes your field expediency and competency with the craft.  Rex’s unique form of instruction will bring you lightyears ahead of the game in just 2 days.  The RX Seminar will deliver a comprehensive understanding of your entire long-range precision shooting system so that it can be best integrated and managed to have maximum effect in accomplishing your field priorities.  This is the MASTER-KEY course of instruction that Rex offers, tailored to unlock the secrets of the craft for the most extreme long range enthusiasts and world-class marksmen.


1.       Overview of Long Range Shooting Terminology
2.       Introduction to Full Long Range System Integration
3.       Ballistics – Internal Ballistics, External Ballistics, Transitional, and Terminal Ballistics
4.       Long Range Ammunition:  Cartridge and Bullet Selection
5.       Long Range Precision Rifle Selection
6.       Long Range Precision Optics Selection
7.       Fundamentals of Marksmanship:  Discussion of Execution
8.       Modulating Advanced Precision Rifle Marksmanship Techniques
9.       Establishing Priorities to Effectively Manage Your Equipment
10.   Organizing Ballistic Tools
11.   Advanced Long Range Strategy:  Information Systems Integration
12.   Generating & Executing Firing Solutions
13.   Wind Reality & Strategy:  Physics of Fluid Dynamics, Topographical Resolution, Wind Logging, Playing the Statistics, Primary & Secondary Wind Reading Methodology VS Reality, Black Magic, Trade Secrets
14.   Peripheral Equipment Management
15.   Implementing the Entire System

“You better put your helmet on because it’s going to go fast.” ~ James Yeager – Tactical Response


Venue Address: 

John A. Halter Shooting Sports Education Center
4390 Bankers Road, Hillsdale MI 49242

Location of the Venue:  Google Maps Link

Please learn more information about the venue at: https://www.hillsdale.edu/about/facilities/shooting-sports-center/

Lodging Suggestion in Hillsdale:  (there are several other options in the area)

Days Inn by Wyndham Hillsdale
3241 W Carleton Rd
Hillsdale, MI 49242
Phone:  (517) 439-3297

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1 review for RXSEMINAR – October 26-27, 2019 ~ Hillsdale, MI

  1. John (verified owner)

    This is both a review and a thank you for the course this weekend in HIllsdale. The class was well put together and in a logical sequence that was easy to follow. If I were to guess from conversations, there was a pretty balance mixtured of experience levels; and as advertised, the information was presented in such a way that regardless of experience/skill level you walked away with new knowledge. Personally, some of the information I took away from this weekend will save me money as I look to expand my horizons (like I how I said that) in long range shooting.

    The college was an excellent host – hats off to them. Thank you for hospitality.

    For those with Rex Defense who came, shared their insight, and fielded questions: thank you. Especially for keeping things practical.

    To anyone considering this series of courses to either enter or enhance your long range shooting, you will not go wrong. This is both an accomplished and humble cadre providing solid instruction.

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