RXDMR – Yankee – Sept 12-13, 2019 ~ Lewistown, PA

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Sept 12-13, 2019, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Mifflin County Sportsman’s Association, 401 Ellen Chapel Road, Lewistown, PA 17044

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Master Small Unit Tactics to maximize your effectiveness in the DM role.   This course concentrates on maintaining precision through kinetics.  The nature of threats in the modern world demands that a rifleman be ready to respond immediately under incredible pressure to deliver effective fire on a multitude of enemy assailants or combatants to quickly and efficiently mitigate the threat and survive. This designated marksman rifle course is an advanced Small Unit Tactics (SUT) class specifically geared for the shooter who wants to get the most out of their DM rifle in a dynamic kinetic environment. This is going to be a thinking man’s class suitable only for the most disciplined individuals who want to extend their effectiveness to the outer limits of what they thought possible. The fight may be thrust upon you at a moment’s notice, will you be ready?

TRAINING OBJECTIVES:  You will learn to shoot, move, and communicate with a small unit while maintaining maximum effect on the enemy.  You will gain intimacy with the skills and tactics needed to rapidly achieve fire precision superiority when suddenly under attack.  You will be ready for the challenge of maintaining marksmanship effectiveness and movement.  You will master the marksmanship skills and techniques needed to keep others safe while mitigating a threat.  You will be equipped to expeditiously win a fight against a seemingly superior threat in a disciplined and efficient manner.

The SUT portions of this course will be instructed by a Rex Defense LLC – Chief Instructor – with over 20 years experience with U.S. Army Special Forces (180A) in over five different war zones and with additional experience in security contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  You will receive nothing less than the VERY BEST instruction possible in the field of SUT at this course.

In this course includes detailed instruction on:

  • How to Shoot, Move, and Communicate Effectively with a Small Unit
  • Conducting Patrolling and Movement
  • How to React to an Ambush on Your Unit
  • DM Overwatch Dynamics in the role of SUT
  • Various Defensive and Offensive Actions and Execution Dynamics
  • Introduction on Planning Secure Movements (and Zulu course)


401 Ellen Chapel Road
Lewistown, PA 17044

From State College – 322 east.
Burnham/Yeagertown exit (Super 8 motel “717-242-8888”), right on to the Ferguson Valley Rd. approximately 2 miles to Ellen Chapel Ln., turn right, go through “yellow gate” and follow road past large pond, right to Archery range and left to Clubhouse, 5 stand, trap, handgun and rifle ranges.

From Harrisburg – 322 west.
Burnham/Yeagertown exit (Clarion Inn “717-248-4961”) turn right to the Ferguson Valley Rd. and follow directions above.

From Mt. Union – 522 north.
At Strodes Mills turn left on to Strodes Run Road approx. 1.5 miles to the Ferguson Valley Rd. turn right approx. 5 miles to Ellen Chapel Church and Ellen Chapel Lane (on your left).

From Selinsgrove – 522 south.
Take 322 west and follow directions above.

NOTE:  Food, fuel, lodging, hospital, shopping centers, sporting goods stores etc. within approx. 2-3 miles of the club.

Required Gear

Minimum Equipment List:

Designated Marksman Capable Centerfire Rifle:  Commonly used examples would be derivatives of the AR-15, AR-10, SCAR, FAL, G3, SVD, PSL, AK-74, AK-47, HK-91 etc… or any handy accurate bolt action rifle platform (chambered in any other appropriate battlefield available cartridge) that can be equipped with an appropriate DMR optical sight.  Your rifle will need to exhibit:  Minimum of 2 MOA accuracy potential (approx. 2″ groups at 100 yards), field ruggedness and field reliability.

  1. Ammunition: 600 rounds of commercial grade ammo, preferably with standard lead-core copper-jacketed bullets.  You may not expend the entire 600 rounds during this course of fire.  Round count will be dependant on the individuals pace of fire.
  • NO hard ammo
  • NO M855
  • NO green tip
  • NO steel core ammunition
  • NO tracers
  • NO API, HEI, etc…
  1. DMR Combat support components
  • Sling, your preference.
  • DMR configured optic: we advise fielding an effectively designed BDC reticle for this class, as closely calibrated to your cartridge / load as possible (we suggest optics that use an appropriate variant of the ACSS).
  • a field expedient ammunition carrying / load bearing system
  • rifle maintenance kit and tools as need for your system and optic
  • artificial support such as a bipod, toe support bag etc…
  • a ruck or your bug out bag as you would use in a potential “get out of Dodge” situation
  1. OPTIONAL:  If you desire to try your full fighting combat loadout as you would employ in a kinetic environment, please free to bring it. The optimum individual combat loadout will be 30% of a bodyweight. This will consist of mission essential gear needed to win a fight. For this course, prepare a 4-day load including everything you would need to survive for 4-days. Weather gear, sleeping gear, food, medical gear, NV, Deuce gear, with full load of ammunition loaded into magazines.  Bring it if you want to see how it will work out in a DMR situation, our staff will be there to advise you on equipment management.

Course Prerequisites

The following is required prior to attending this Yankee Level-2 course:

  • RXDMR X-Ray Course

1 review for RXDMR – Yankee – Sept 12-13, 2019 ~ Lewistown, PA

  1. Geoff Glover

    Wow! I highly recommend taking this series of courses to anyone who wants to add more tools in their quest to become a “Gentleman, Warrior, and Scholar”. The depth of knowledge, wisdom, and Patriotism shown by not only the cadre, but the students is something to behold!
    Old friends from past courses, new ones from the week. By the end of the week, we were walked through not only what it takes to become an effective fighting force, but always reminded of why we were there. I was impressed by the unity and cohesion that we had in such a short time, but I should have known. Rex attracts great folks because he and his crew are great folks!
    Special thanks to Doc F. for letting me use his chrono for a bit, to get a start on the data I need for the RX 1000.
    Thanks to Tim for sharing his knowledge, and laughing at my jokes. Thanks to Josh for shooting the breeze with me.
    Finally, thanks to Rex, Jesse, and Gary for doing this! You guys are my brothers from several other mothers!

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