RX3000 – REX & FONTCUBERTA – March 13-15, 2020 ~ Rotan, TX

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Mar 13, 2020, 8:00 AM – Mar 15, 2020, 5:00 PM
Hawks Double Mountain Ranch, Rotan, TX 79546, USA

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ABOUT: Precision riflemen are continuously pushing the outer limits of long range shooting. Hitting targets with authority beyond 1-mile opens up a whole new world of challenges and difficulties that can be exceedingly difficult for even the most experienced long range shooters to decrypt through trial and error. The RX ELR (Extreme Long Range) course is a world class course of instruction that kindly guides experienced long range precision shooters to a higher level of proficiency with their magnum ELR rifles at distances exceeding 1 mile. This course will have targets set up from 1,000 – 3,000 yards!

BONUS: This course, scheduled for March of 2020 at Hawk’s Double Mountain Ranch near Rotan TX, may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shoot alongside some of the most qualified ELR instructors in the world. Rex Tibor has invited Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, and so it looks like the stars are aligning for a great time in west Texas.  To receive the most incredible download of ELR information possible in one course, this may be your one chance! Don’t miss it!


Hawks Double Mountain Ranch, Rotan, TX 79546, USA

Being held at the incredible Hawks Double Mountain Ranch, in the river-bottom badlands of west Texas, you will have access to lodging at the site of the training! With all of your lodging, meals, bar, and other beautiful accommodations at the ranch, you won’t have to travel to and from a faraway hotel to the shooting range every morning and night. Make your accommodations at the ranch, it is more than worth it. Spend that extra time relaxing at the ranch, consulting with Rex and his crew, or kicking back and enjoying the evenings having a steak and a brewski.

Please see the beautiful ranch here: http://www.hawksdoublemountainranch.com/

Contact Ranch Manager, Mr. Joe Nixon, to secure your accommodations: (806) 759-0248.

***Lodging at the ranch will be required for this course as much of the de-briefing and consultation is done after shooting hours.  Please make your lodging arrangements directly with Mr. Joe Nixon at the number above, as REX DEFENSE LLC will not be handling lodging expenses and details.***

Required Equipment

This course requires the use of some specialized equipment as well as some experience running it before you come.

1. Rifle
A) Rifle of your choice, preferably configured for ELR shooting
B) Rifle Calibers allowed in this course: Minimum: 7mm Rem Magnum; Maximum: .408 Chey Tac (consideration for potential muzzle-blast fatigue on the shooters next to you)
C) Stock or Chassis design requirements: Must be able to attach a bi-pod.

2. Optics and Sighting Systems
Any configuration of optic that allows you to precisely adjust or hold-off fire out to the max effective range of your rifle is acceptable.
A) Scope Quality: Overall quality & mechanical precision will be paramount to precision success:
B) Magnification Recommendations:

  • for Variable Power Optics: need to reach at least 10X (power ranges such as 5-25X may be ideal)
  • Fixed Power Optics: 10X minimum, 16X or 20X may be optimal for this class

C) Reticle Recommendations:

  • Must have vertical and horizontal subtensions.
  • Mil or MOA based units are both fine
  • Scope should feature ‘matching units’ between the reticle and the turrets – if possible.

D) Tube Diameter Recommendations: 30mm Minimum, larger tubes are generally preferred
E) Turret Adjustments:

  • Must offer ‘tracking graduation repeatability’ – MOST IMPORTANT
  • Turrets that exhibit good ‘tracking precision’ are greatly preferred
  • Turret adjustment units that match reticle subtensions (Mil/Mil, or MOA/MOA) are greatly preferred
  • Zero Stop mechanisms are very helpful

F) Sufficient Turret Elevation Adjustment Range for your cartridge and load: (enough to reach the max effective range of your cartridge and rifle) – we will be shooting from 1,000 to 3,000yds.

3. Ammunition

A) Ammunition Requirements (3-day class): Bring at least 250 rounds of Match Grade Ammo, preferably configured for precision target shooting. Bring more if you wish to take advantage of our free-fire portions of the class.

4. Peripheral Equipment

A) Bipods: Students must bring a rifle bipod. Recommended brands include Accu-Tac, Harris, Atlas, or similar quality brands.

  • Leg Lengths: 6-9″ may be sufficient for this course, 9-13” (for some larger framed shooters).
  • No long legs or extra-tall bipod configurations.
  • Features: Swiveling/canting design highly recommended.

B) Toe Support: Some type of rear bag or shooting sock.
C) Shooting Mat: style and quality is user’s preference
D) Hearing protection: Please bring adequate hearing protection that does not inhibit proper cheek weld to your rifle stock.
E) Weapon cleaning and lubrication equipment to include a rod to knock out stuck cases
F) Eye Protection
G) Raingear
H) Hat / Sunblock
I) Drinking water (camelback strongly recommended).
J) Bug Spray
K) Pen and Paper
L) Scientific Calculator, TI-30 or derivative thereof is adequate
M) Mil-Dot Master (Optional)
N) Copies of ballistic DOPE, tables, or charts you have assembled
O) Bring a ballistic computation device of your choice: Kestrel Anemometers, ballistic phone apps, programs, ballistic computers and other related equipment. We will NOT be using Ballistic_XLR at this course.
P) Bring your proprietary ELR related equipment as needed; adjustable mounts, Charlie TARACs, specialized spotting gear, etc…

5. Physical Fitness Requirements:

A) Must be physically able to lay prone for extended periods of time as well as get into and out of the prone position repeatedly. Be ready to shoot all day, even if potentially less than ideal temperature or precipitation issues ensue. Take precautions for any pre-existing medical conditions. Be prepared for less than ideal weather conditions and potentially warm or hot weather.

Course Prerequisites

This course requires prior long-range training experience to attend. We recommend the following:

  • RX100 or RX1000 Live Fire Course Certificate


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  1. DG3298

    I have participated in this class twice. With each class, I have obtained new knowledge and improved skill. But the camaraderie and atmosphere make the experinece that much greater. Great experience! (And I’ll be going again!)

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