RX/SAWS Level I – Armed Retainer – July 19-20, 2021 – Buffalo Gap, ND


Starting July 19, 2021 at 9:30 AM SMT to July 20, 2021 ending at 6:30 PM SMT

Where: Buffalo Gap Guest Ranch,  3100 Buffalo Gap Rd,  Medora, ND 58645

Be sure to secure your Lodging at the Guest Ranch.  We will be starting early and training well into the night on Day 1, thus staying at the lodge is highly recommended.  Lunch, Supper, and Bar are ALL available at the Ranch as well.  Call: 701-623-4200 to book your stay

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An excerpt: The Deadliest Sniper in History – The White Sniper – Simo Hayha, by Tapio A.M. Saarelainen:

“Simo Hayha was fortunate to be educated in the art of shooting by older, more experienced members of the Civil Guard.  Many of these men were veterans of the 1918 Finnish Civil War and understood what was required of a soldier on the battlefield.  During this time, there was no room for what they considered useless training; instead they concentrated on what limited resources and funds they had available to train their men in the most essential aspects of war, such as marksmanship.  Considering the limited amount of ammunition available for shooting practice and zeroing weapons, every shot made by the young trainees was expected to be as close to the bull’s eye as possible.”

Rex Defense LLC is teaming up with the SME from SAWS to deliver this unique course of instruction crafted in the spirit of Simo Hayha.  At a time when ammunition is incredibly scarce and maximizing training efficiency is a priority, the need for sharpening one’s precision marksmanship abilities in real-world field conditions is highlighted more than ever before.  This 2-day course will include LIVE-FIRE training.


Rex – Rex Defense LLC

  • 35 years of centerfire rifle experience.
  • 21 years experience in precision Long Range and Extreme Long Range Shooting
  • formally educated in the Natural Sciences
  • 9+ years professional experience in various engineering fields

Scott – SAWS (Survival Applications Weapons Systems)

  • Retired US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) / Sniper / US Army Ranger with 23+ years experience
  • Subject Matter Expert for Survival Application Weapons Systems
  • extensive real-world and combat experience in multiple theatres and environments
  • decades of instructional experience working with SOF

TRAINING OBJECTIVE:  To get you ON TARGET in strenuous real-world conditions with effective and timely precision rifle fire.

  • Weapons Handling in the Field
  • Understanding the Rifleman’s Max Effective Range
  • Revealing Myopic Paradigms
  • Applications of Fire
  • Establishing a Base Science of Internal, External and Terminal Ballistics
  • Managing your Weapon System in Multiple Environments
  • Real-World Firing Positions
  • Precision Marksmanship in Hostile Environments
  • Highly Efficient Drills for Effective Live-Fire Rifle Training
  • Logging Inputs and Understanding DOPE
  • Establishing SOPs for Most Effective Rifle Management
  • Intro to Sniper Fieldcraft
  • Signature Reduction Techniques
  • Field Expedient Shooting Support Magic
  • Introduction to Low Light Environments
  • More…

Course Prerequisites:


Tuition: $600 (US)



Starting July 19, 2021 at 9:30 AM SMT to July 20, 2021 ending at 6:30 PM SMT

Where: Buffalo Gap Guest Ranch,  3100 Buffalo Gap Rd,  Medora, ND 58645

*** Please secure your Lodging at the Guest Ranch.  Lunch, Supper, and Bar are ALL available at the Ranch as well.  Call: 701-623-4200 to book your stay

Required Gear

RX/SAWS LEVEL-1 Armed Retainer


  1. Any Sound and Functional Centerfire Rifle with a Sling attached
  • Any centerfire rifle make / model.  (NOTE: If you plan to use your rifle in a future RX course, please see that course’s REQUIRED EQUIPMENT LIST for more specific details)
  • Rifle calibers allowed in this course: Any centerfire rifle cartridge (no .22 rimfires)
  • Optional: LEGAL Suppressors / Silencers are welcomed (in accordance with all of your local, State & Federal Laws)
  1. Optics and Sighting Systems
  • Any configuration of optic or open sights is acceptable for this class.
  1. Ammunition
  • 100 rounds of ammunition, you are welcomed to bring more if you wish to
  1. Peripheral Equipment Packing List
  • Hearing protection, adequate hearing protection that does not inhibit proper cheek weld to your rifle stock
  • A Chamber Flag is required
  • A Rifle Sling, a two-point sling of your choice
  • A Field Sized Pocket Notebook with a pencil is required
  • An attached weapons light / torch or a headlamp
  • Weapon cleaning kit and lubrication equipment including a cleaning-rod (to knock out potential bore obstructions or stuck cases)
  • Eye Protection
  • Hat / Sunblock
  • Drinking water – bring x3 MORE water than you think you will need for the duration of the 2-day course
  • 2 sharpies
  • 1 roll of Gorilla brand duct tape (or 100mph tape)
  • 1 cutting instrument (pocket knife or utility razor)
  • 10 feet of 550lb para-chord
  • 1 plum bob (or improvised equivalent)
  • 1 rubber band (~4 inches in size) or Ranger bands
  • 1 pack of 3×5″ index cards (100 pack is plenty)
  • Any TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONS MANUALS for your rifle scope or sights
  • Bug Spray
  • You are welcomed to bring a spare rifle and appropriate ammunition if you can***
  1. Physical Fitness Requirements:  Should be physically able to get into and out of the various rifle shooting positions repeatedly. Be ready to shoot and move for several hours per day, even if potentially less than ideal weather conditions ensue. Take precautions for any pre-existing medical conditions. Be prepared for less than ideal weather conditions and potentially hot or cold weather.


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