RXDMR Yankee


Master your designated marksman skills and tactics.   This 2nd level designated marksman instruction course concentrates on maintaining precision through kinetics.  The nature threats in the modern world demands that a rifleman be ready to respond immediately under incredible pressure to deliver effective fire on a multitude of enemy assailants or combatants to quickly and efficiently mitigate the threat and survive. This designated marksman rifle course is an advanced tactical marksmanship class specifically geared for the shooter who wants to get the most out of their designated marksman rifle in a dynamic kinetic environment. This is going to be a thinking man’s class for the most disciplined individuals who want to extend their effectiveness to the outer limits of what they thought possible. The fight may be thrust upon you at a moment’s notice, will you be ready?

TRAINING OBJECTIVES:  You will learn to shoot and move while maintaining maximum effect on the enemy.  You will be able to achieve proficiency with the skills and tactics needed to rapidly achieve fire precision superiority when suddenly under attack (RTAR).  You will understand the challenges and requirements involved with maintaining marksmanship and movement.  You will master the marksmanship skills and techniques needed to keep others safe while mitigating a threat.  You will be equipped to expeditiously win a fight against a seemingly superior threat in a disciplined and efficient manner.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Full Citizenship: United States of America
  • RXDMR X-Ray course competition
  1. Designated Marksman Capable Centerfire Rifle:  Commonly used examples would be derivatives of the AR-15, AR-10, SCAR, FAL, G3, SVD, PSL, AK-74, AK-47, HK-91 etc… or any handy accurate bolt action rifle platform (chambered in any other appropriate battlefield available cartridge) that can be equipped with an appropriate DMR optical sight.  Your rifle will need to exhibit:  Minimum of 2 MOA accuracy potential (approx. 2″ groups at 100 yards), field ruggedness and field reliability.
  1. Ammunition: 600 rounds of commercial grade ammo, preferably with standard lead-core copper-jacketed bullets
  • NO hard ammo
  • NO M855
  • NO green tip
  • NO steel core ammunition
  • NO tracers
  • NO API, HEI, etc…
  1. DMR Combat support components
  • Sling, your preference.
  • DMR configured optic: we advise fielding an effectively designed BDC reticle for this class, as closely calibrated to your cartridge / load as possible (we suggest optics that use an appropriate variant of the ACSS).
  • a field expedient ammunition carrying / load bearing system
  • rifle maintenance kit and tools as need for your system and optic
  • artificial support such as a bipod, toe support bag etc…
  • a ruck or your bug out bag as you would use in a potential “get out of Dodge” situation

OPTIONAL:  If you desire to try your full fighting combat loadout as you would employ in a kinetic environment, please free to bring it. The optimum individual combat loadout will be 30% of a bodyweight. This will consist of mission essential gear needed to win a fight. For this course, prepare a 4-day load including everything you would need to survive for 4-days. Weather gear, sleeping gear, food, medical gear, NV, Deuce gear, with full load of ammunition loaded into magazines.  Bring it if you want to see how it will work out in a DMR situation, our staff will be there to advise you on equipment management.