RXCCF – Tango

RXCCF - Tango

Dynamics & Application

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This Level 2 course is tailored for the true thinking man and enthusiast of the craft from start to finish.  In this course you will participate in a Level 1 CCF course as you shadow Rex Defense LLC cadre and further develop and refine your skills in enemy combatant detection.  You will be coached on how skilled opponents will apply wise battlefield target prioritization & selection.  You will exercise ‘thinking outside the box’ in the planning and coordination phases of operations in hypothetical conflict scenarios and how to develop wise strategies and contingencies ahead of time.  You will learn about how professionals conduct and or detect stealthy insertions.  You will understand mission execution, extraction, and recovery techniques.  You will learn what to watch out for and how to refine your observation of potential enemy activity so you can best detect and mitigate the threat ahead of time to save lives.  This is a perfect course for the professional first responder, soldier, or law abiding sheepdog citizen who wants to learn the dynamics of this potential threat. 


  • Full Citizenship: United States of America
  • RXCCF Sierra (Level 1) – Command Fire Operation

Field Spotting Equipment

  • Spotting Scope
  • Field Binoculars (preferably with MIL scale, similar to Steiner M22s)
  • Logbook (field notebook for drawing range cards and logging info) and pencils, pens etc…

Spotter’s Field Kit

  • At least two 2-quart Canteens (or equivalent Camel Pack or additional water carrying method)
  • Binoculars
  • First-Aid Kit / snake bite kit (recommended)
  • Rations, MREs, field snacks etc… (Full Course Meals will be provided by the ranch)
  • Any other needed personal items (bug spray, toilet paper, ziplock bags, etc.)
  • Rain-gear

Basic Camouflage clothing and boots for conducting overwatch from concealment

  • Ghillie Suit is highly recommended (HDMR is typically a semi-arid climate)
  • Appropriate camouflage clothing, gloves, and boots (as needed for laying prone or tracking through rugged terrain)

Communications Equipment

  • Midland FRS Radio OR any consumer brand FRS radio
  • Charging System
  • Spare Batteries
  • More Spare Batteries
  • Sports Whistle (for location during training emergencies)

Physical Fitness Requirements and Field Proficiencies:  Must be physically able to:

  • traverse rugged landscape carrying a full equipment load
  • Must be familiar with the dangers of nature
  • Must possess a high level of field proficiencies and awareness
  • Must be able to crawl and perform multiple stalks
  • You MUST make staff fully aware of any special precautions needed for any pre-existing medical conditions
  • YOU ATTEND THIS COURSE AT YOUR OWN RISK and will sign a waiver taking responsibility for any health issues or hazards you may incur during this course.

Potential Hazards Waiver:  You will be exposed to the dangers of the natural environment during this course as well as the hazards of a live-fire field training exercise, potentially including:

  • hazardous animals
  • poisonous snakes
  • non-sanitized water and earth
  • animal filth
  • insects
  • dirt and mud
  • filthy water
  • less than ideal weather conditions – including unseasonably hot or cold weather
  • any other hazards found in nature or on a working ranch environment
  • live-fire range hazards including: bullets, unintentional or intentional firearms discharges, stress, and all other dangers of a live fire field training exercise


  • Sidearm (OPTIONAL, with birdshot / snake loads, with appropriate field holster)
  • Rucksack (OPTIONAL, as needed to carry extra equipment afield)