Extreme Long Range Precision Shooting

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1-Mile is just the beginning!  Success in Extreme Long Range (ELR) shooting demands an inexplicable management of your meteorological / environmental instrumentation.  This is a key priority if you wish to get effective 1st-shot firing solutions using your existing / preferred ballistic equipment computation devices.  In this tier-1 course of instruction, custom tailored for super-magnums in ELR rifle configurations, we will teach you how to perfect the symphony of data management systems in a way that still works in real life field environments.  We will show you how “process prioritization” related to ELR shooting will get you on target out to the maximum effective range of your rifle.  This is NOT a course for the novice who wants to hastily send rounds downrange until he finally hits the target…  in this course, Rex will expound upon the dynamics and priorities that professional ELR shooters must master in order to be effective at distances out to 3,000 yards.   Don’t get sloppy launching rounds downrange in vain hoping that a miracle will eventually happen, train with Rex Defense LLC.  This is our passion and Rex will get you squared away with any concepts you wish to master related to this niche craft.  Ask the experts in the field, Rex Defense LLC is equipped to deliver the proprietary knowledge in a way never done before. See you on the range. 

Course Prerequisites:


  1. System Check:  Precision Rifle Equipment Inspection and Set-up Check, Rifle Ergonomics Check, Optical Sight Check
  2. Establishing Ideal Firing Positions for ELR & Magnum Rifles
  3. Mastering Your Ballistic/ENV/MET Tools and Acknowledging their Limitations
  4. ELR Ballistic Input Gathering, Verification, and Truing
  5. Long Range Input Confirmation in Dynamic Wind Environments
  6. ELR Wind Correction Techniques and Strategies
  7. Advanced External Ballistic
  8. Managing Complex ELR Ballistic Subtleties in the Real World
  9. Dynamic Flight Characteristics, Limitations, and Challenges
  10. Target Ranging Determination:  Limitations & Danger Space
  11. Extreme Long Range Target Engagement: Joining the 1 mile Club
  12. Ultra Long Range Target Engagement:  Beyond the Transonic Barrier
  13. Secrets, Tips, Consultation, Campfire Stories, and Companionship




RX3000 ELR - Alumni Reviews


“I’d like to thank Rex and crew, as well as, Joe and the crew of HDMR for one of the greatest weekends I’ve ever had!!!   The rugged Texas landscape was a perfect backdrop for the ELR class.  The gift Rex has of being able to put out so much information in an understandable and digestible manner is inspiring.  Rex’s instruction made hitting out to 2500yds attainable and repeatable.  HDMR’s accommodations were amazing. Joe and crew welcome everyone in as part of the family.  If anyone is on the fence about attending any of Rex’s classes, just go for it, the people you will meet and the instruction you will get are unforgettable!”

~ Shawn White


“Hawks Double Mtn. Ranch would like to thank Rex and his staff for putting on such a great E.L.R. class and choosing H.D.M.R for the class location. Rex, staff, and client participants were absolutely wonderful. We watched as each participant had extensive one on one with Rex and his instructors, and how each student improved without exception. Top notch class!! Check out our Facebook page @Hawks Double Mtn. Ranch, like, share and consider us for your shooting and hunting destination. Thanks again Rex from the staff at H.D.M.R.”

~ Joe Nixon



“The thing I enjoyed most about the ELR course was the collection of people and harmonious atmosphere. Whether being guys I had previously hung out with at the seminar and live fire event or the new people I met at the ELR course, everyone was one the same page with a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share in a very laid back atmosphere. I would have to say that one of the largest pieces of information I walked away with was the importance of accurate wind calling at extreme ranges and the techniques for identifying the affects that the landscape plays on the wind and how to formulate a correct hold off based on this information. The most unique part of the course would have to be having the chance to learn from world class instructors and then have drinks and shooting the breeze till all hours of the night with them. It is always a pleasure getting to spend time with these guys (and girls) and would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in ELR shooting.”

~ Daniel Dyer


“It’s hard to say specifically one thing I enjoyed overall, when there are so many high points from your class. Of course, reaching a goal of hitting 30” targets outwards of 2,550 yards (1.5 miles) is one. But there is also you and your staff, Joe Nixon and the staff at HDMR, and all the students coming together in great camaraderie. Great to meet and spend time with Eduardo, and get his take on wind readings and other shooting tips. The curriculum is always comprehensive. Your classes, and our time together, are truly a highlight each year. Thanks, Rex, and I’m sure to see you again soon.”

~ DG3298 in CA



“Like most, I began my journey with Rex during the Sniper 101 series.  Those who have taken the Seminar with Rex already know the amazing amount of first-hand, straight-forward information that comes with it.  The RX1000 Live Fire brings a lot of that information together for the students.  The RX3000 really expands on the RX1000 and takes off from where RX1000 ends.  Hawks Double Mountain Ranch (HDMR) is the perfect place for this type of training and Mr. Joe & family at (HDMR) are phenomenal.  Rex’s training style is 1st class all the way.  He really breaks down the “Y” Chromosome theory (for us men anywaysJ) so that the students are able to self-critique themselves in a comfortable environment.  This is very important in this craft.  Rex stresses the importance of making sure all the components are sound and input gathering being correct.

The RX3000 class begins on Friday morning and ends on Sunday evening.  The instructors and students are together day & night throughout the training.  The camaraderie among instructors & students is almost indescribable.  The topics of conversation are as infinite as shooting solutions.  Great times were had by all!  I highly recommend getting some training with Rex & his crew, you won’t regret it!”

~ Shane Grimstead


“Way back in the beginning of the sniper 101 series, Rex stated that what you have in your gun safe will most likely be sufficient to shoot long range. That exact situation happened to me. The rifle I had ordered for the RX 3000 course, was not completed in time. My alternative was to use a regular hunting rifle a friend of mine had in his gun safe. Because of the Rex Defense Training, I was able to assemble a rifle and perform cartridge load development in a matter of 2 1/2 weeks. I successfully engaged targets out to and including 2008 yards.

Hawks double mountain ranch run by Joe Nixon and family is an excellent facility with superb accommodations. Everything From regular bunkhouse rooms to private cabins and plenty of showers for all.

The after class fellowship hours are just as enjoyable as the hours spent on the range.  Discussions pertaining to the days trials and triumphs or just merely discussing our personal lives….. everyone feels welcome and at home.  

Without a doubt, the biggest take home for me, besides the opportunity to shoot out to 3030 yds, is the practical wisdom gained from both the excellent instruction cadre and also fellow shooters.  The time, money, effort and experience of all associated with RX3000 is well worth the cost of the course.  This is evident by the amount of returning students.  I myself will most definitely be back!”

~ TenMen