Long Range LIVE-FIRE Precision Rifle Course: Expeditiously Dominate Targets from 100-1,000 meters in Field Environments

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Execute the magic of long range precision shooting at this live-fire course of instruction.  Experience the reality of what it takes to attain true long range mastery in the field.  Rex will coach you on how to best manage your rifle and bring you to your best possible level of performance.  You will then learn to mitigate the challenges that you never knew existed concerning your meteorological equipment and how to master your favorite ballistic tools.  You will learn to collect sound inputs in the field in ways never taught before.  To get your DOPE perfect, you must understand how to tackle “field laboratory conditions” and dynamically manage environmental variables in real time while you perform your data collection and verification on the range.  Rex will walk you through how to get it done – step by step – properly.  You will also master long range target engagement in both hasty and maximum precision applications.  You will learn effective spotting and the exquisite art of communicating with and operating in a shooter / spotter team.  Rex will streamline every aspect of your long range marksmanship in a way that makes you incredibly effective in real-world applications.  This course is a blast!  Come make life-long friends.  Take home priceless experiences from the range having a great time with like-minded folk.  Rex delivers the serious gold of the skill set in the most fun loving way possible.  Experience the incredible legend that the RX1000 live-fire course has become!  Bring your smile, because you are going to need it when you arrive!

Course Prerequisites:

  • Full Citizenship: United States of America
  • RX100 or RXSeminar


  1. System Check:  Precision Rifle Equipment Inspection and Set-up Check, Rifle Ergonomics Check, Optical Sight Check
  2. Executing the Fundamentals of Marksmanship in the Real World
  3. Establishing an Ideal Firing Position
  4. Effectively Modulating Biological Input for Recoil Management
  5. Position Building for Long Range Field Consistency
  6. Establishing a True Zero
  7. Management of Your Ballistic/ENV/MET Tools
  8. Field Lab Procedures:  Ballistic Input Gathering, Verification, and Truing
  9. Long Range Input Confirmation in Dynamic Environments
  10. Wind Logging and Awareness
  11. Managing Complex Ballistic Data for Hasty Field Environments
  12. Mastering Analogue Ballistic Backup Systems
  13. Establishing a SOP/KISS:  Keep It Sweet & Simple
  14. Long Range Target Engagement: for Hasty Conditions
  15. Long Range Target Engagement: for Maximum Precision
  16. Ranging & Engaging Targets at Unknown Distance: Digital, Analogue, and Intuitive Refinement
  17. Maximizing Skill Set Synergism, Maturity, and Ethical Responsibilities





RX1000 - Alumni Reviews


“If anyone is apprehensive about attending any of Rex’s classes don’t be, the instructors and students that follow the discipline he is teaching are cohorts and friends of the art.  There are so many variables to deal with that are made to be very digestible.   Rex’s knowledge is taught in such a straight forward manner that it makes it easy for the students to assist each other in the learning of the information from a different prospective.  If anyone is on the fence about attending, lean towards Rex, you’ll not only learn what you are seeking but make some friendships that’ll last!”

~ Grover Jr. – Attendee of a couple classes!!!!


“Rex makes this happen for many where it wouldn’t be possible & raise the game for those who are already there.”

~ Divergent Delta


“Thoughts on RX18 Live Fire in Mifflin Co, PA

For all you guys and gals who have yet to attend a seminar or Live Fire, here are some of my thoughts on what transpired this past Wednesday through Friday.  First and foremost, everyone from shooters to the crew were great! The caliber of folks there can’t be overstated. Classy folks-Rex-attract the kind of people who are easy to get along with.  Second, from the pic I posted earlier, I had some reservations about the range, but it turned out to be much better in person than I thought, except for the ant hill I laid on!  Follow Rex’s advice and pack plenty of water, bug spray, and rain gear. We started at 71 degrees with overcast skies and ended with near ninety. The downpour was actually a bit refreshing! 🙂 When Rex says memorize your dope, memorize it!  Do your research if you plan on flying. Someone lost quite a bit of ammo to TSA due to lack of knowledge.  There’s a ton more, but I’ll leave it at this was a great experience and worth every penny.  So, get thine self to a seminar or the Zero to Deadly and join in on the fun!”

~ Geoff Glover


“Also, bring your rifle sling, you will need it as you will be moving to multiple shooting locations under time restrictions. And as Geoff said MEMORIZE your dope. Easy for those that have been using dope charts for a while. Difficult if you have never used one and it is your first time making and using one like me. You will be shooting under stress so having it committed to memory will make you perform better.”

~ Chris Stumpf – reply to Geoff Glover’s review