ZERO to DEADLY Live-Fire Course: Advanced Precision Rifle Marksmanship

Course Description:  The devil is in the details when it comes to perfecting any complex system.  In this unique live-fire course of instruction, you will master real-world precision rifle marksmanship.  This is NOT your run-of-the-mill rifle marksmanship class.  In this course, Rex will walk you down the path of understanding how to get the maximum performance from your rifle.  You will learn how to perfect the ergonomics of your platform in a way that will give you maximum control of the system all the way through the firing cycle.  You will attain a truly elite understanding of exactly how the internal ballistics of your system will affect your shot.   You will see how even the most subtle details of your firing position can affect your zero and your precision potential.  You will learn how to predict and minimize your point of impact deltas by effectively modulating the spectrum of biological input you induce onto your rifle.   Every rifle / shooter pair is unique.  Rex has an unmatched ability to assess your equipment and biology to best convey to you how to master YOUR precision rifle management.  One marksmanship style does NOT fit all.  If you ever want to truly master long range shooting, Rex’s unique RX100 range instruction will get you set up to master your rifle management skills based on your specific objectives and priorities.  You will leave this course with an inexplicably elite understanding of precision rifle management.  There is no other rifle course like this in the world.  Whether you are a brand new shooter or long time veteran of the art, this course will sharpen you in a way that you will have to experience first-hand to believe.  See you there!

Course Prerequisites:

  • Full Citizenship: United States of America


  1. Precision Rifle Equipment Inspection and Set-up
  2. Perfecting Rifle Ergonomics
  3. Understanding & Minimizing Tolerance Stacking in the System
  4. Detailed Firing Position Analysis
  5. Executing the Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  6. Prioritization of Advanced Rifle Marksmanship Techniques
  7. Effectively Modulating the Spectrum of Biological Input and Recoil   Management to Execute Your Priorities
  8. Free Recoil VS Recoil Management
  9. Exploring Internal Ballistic Anomalies to Maximize Precision
  10. Establishing a Truly Perfect Zero

RX100 Zero to Deadly - Alumni Reviews

“For those of Rex’s friends who have yet to get to a seminar or live fire, here’s a brief rundown on his Zero to Deadly course.  Without giving too much away, it’s just what he advertised, two days of marksmanship, with solid nuggets of the seminar thrown in.  The shooting helped reinforce information gleaned from Sniper 101 and the seminar. A bit of experimentation was also part of the curriculum.
The students ranged in age from late 20′-ish, to the absolutely ancient-me!  😉 One student had just purchased his first rifle this year!  Over the course of two days, I learned more about my rifle and how I deploy it than I knew was possible.  I also had a lesson on making sure your equipment is in order reinforced, but that didn’t really hit home until I got home.  Short version-and I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this-if your groups start opening up, check yourself and check your screws, nuts, and bolts!  I spent the weekend thinking that I was doing OK, but kinda kicking myself for not doing better.  Turns out that my scope base was probably a touch loose, but not so loose that there seemed to be a major issue.  Yesterday, shots deviated so far from my POA that I finally wiggled the scope.  Tightened base and mount and tightened groups up.  Back to less than .75 moa, again!  🙂
So, if you are desire a healthy dose of marksmanship training-or a tune up-along with a good deal of science and meeting great folks, or getting solid info on how your setup will perform before a live fire, Zero to Deadly is a great choice!”
~ Anonymous