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“The art of the rifle is universal, but the mode of capturing its perfection is infinitely dynamic.” ~ Rex Tibor

RX Precision Rifle™ Courses

Rex Defense LLC formally invites you to participate in the upcoming RX Precision Rifle™ course of instruction! This is a world-class course of instruction taking the American legacy of long range precision rifle shooting to the next level. Whether you are an enthusiastic student of this extreme form of applied physics or an accomplished long range marksman, Rex will cover the curriculum using a multi-dimensional approach that covers the topic material from various angles and perspectives. Rex’s multi-faceted real life experience in tutoring & training various dynamic skill sets makes him the perfect translator of this seemingly complicated applied science! In other words, he will bring you up to speed quickly – in plain English!


The nature of modern combat often demands a rifleman be ready to respond immediately under incredible pressure to deliver effective fire on a multitude of enemy combatants to quickly and efficiently mitigate the threats.  Fill the gap in your training between CQB and the tradition sniper role with this DMR course. The Rex Defense LLC Designated Marksman Rifle Course is specifically geared for the shooter who wants to get the most out of their semi-automatic designated marksman rifle in a dynamic combat environment. The fight may be thrust upon you at a moment’s notice, will you be ready?

RXCCF ~ Combat Command Fire Courses

Learn how a single precision rifleman can take absolute, unquestionable command of a combat situation.  Our Rex Defense LLC Combat Command Fire field training exercise equips the viable, field expedient precision shooter with the skill sets needed to survive an engagement against a well-equipped adversary in potential conflict scenarios.  This course is specifically tailored to help first responders, defense personnel, and lawful American citizens to truly realize the immense combat potential of this special craft, whether employed by friends or foe.  Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, a skilled precision marksman (properly sharpened in both marksmanship and field craft) can exponentially increase the dynamic effectiveness of any unit, no matter how big or how small.  Rex Defense LLC will focus on unlocking the trainee’s full potential to deliver maximum combat effectiveness through this unique asymmetrical application of force.  Rex Defense LLC will then deliver the knowledge of how to best defend against it, God forbid it ever become a threat.  This CCF course will show how a well-trained precision shooter, acting autonomously, taking advantage of cover and concealment, can deliver the ultimate potential in area denial.  This is a perfect course for the professional first responder, soldier, or law-abiding sheepdog citizen who wants to learn the dynamics of how this skillset is executed.

RXHTI ~ Hard Target Interdiction Courses

The most efficient solution to mitigating certain material threats may be the big bore HTI rifle.  Conventional munitions such as rockets can cost upwards of $100K per shot, whereas a fully trained HTI operator equipped with the proper system may be able to mitigate the same threat at mere fractions of the price in a much more clandestine manner.  The effective operation of big bore rifles presents unique challenges that are commonly evasive to many otherwise very well equipped long range shooters.  The Rex Defense LLC Hard Target Interdiction Course offers training specialized to introduce riflemen to the subtle idiosyncrasies of HTI platforms and maximize the operators’ effectiveness with big-bore weapons.  


A Words from Rex

“REX Defense offers thoughtful instruction, modulated in real-time to best suit the trainee’s learning style and achieve maximum absorption of the concepts being delivered.   REX Defense has an intellectually diverse crew of dynamic thinkers who communicate concepts from multiple angles to ensure the trainees truly understand key concepts.  The science is presented at multiple levels of sophistication so that all levels of trainees get the most out of their instruction.  In other words, we have the ability to think “outside the box” and our method of instruction is purposefully unique in its eloquence and spirit.  Yes, we have fun!  Why?  We punctuate the minds of our trainees with more than mere anecdotal entertainment, we initiate the chain-reaction of explosive learning by achieving critical mass in the most efficient way possible – by keeping the trainees legitimately enthused and intrigued with a craft they must fall in love with and marry if they wish to truly master.  A union with the craft of the long range rifle is only truly achieved when one is married to it – to be practiced, refined and grown naturally, without need of force to learn a standardized procedure.  To master this craft, you must become one with it on every level.    We wish to pass on this fire to our trainees, so that they can apply it without strain of thought – for all the days of their lives.”  ~ Rex