RXCCF ~ Combat Command Fire Courses

Learn how a single precision rifleman can take absolute, unquestionable command of a combat situation.  Our Rex Defense LLC Combat Command Fire field training exercise equips the viable, field expedient precision shooter with the skill sets needed to survive an engagement against a well-equipped adversary in potential conflict scenarios.  This course is specifically tailored to help first responders, defense personnel, and lawful American citizens to truly realize the immense combat potential of this special craft, whether employed by friends or foe.  Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, a skilled precision marksman (properly sharpened in both marksmanship and field craft) can exponentially increase the dynamic effectiveness of any unit, no matter how big or how small.  Rex Defense LLC will focus on unlocking the trainee’s full potential to deliver maximum combat effectiveness through this unique asymmetrical application of force.  Rex Defense LLC will then deliver the knowledge of how to best defend against it, God forbid it ever become a threat.  This CCF course will show how a well-trained precision shooter, acting autonomously, taking advantage of cover and concealment, can deliver the ultimate potential in area denial.  This is a perfect course for the professional first responder, soldier, or law-abiding sheepdog citizen who wants to learn the dynamics of how this skillset is executed.